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The Cash Flow Professionals

Better business cash flow management

Available early 2015 a revolutionary system to help both businesses and professional advisors vet, manage and improve cash flow as well as preventing bad debt and slow payer issues.


Peninsula Business Services

The UK's Leading Specialist Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety Service.

Peninsula are the leading provider of employment law and health & safety services in the UK. Established since 1983, we have around 28,000 businesses who have already integrated Peninsula to work as part of their HR and Health and Safety departments.


Patterson Law

A Motoring Solicitors firm who only deal with road traffic offence law.

We have well over two decades experience defending road traffic allegations and Emma Patterson, our lead lawyer, is a recognised expert nationally. Emma doesn't claim to be a "loophole lawyer", she simply has a detailed understanding of the intricacies of traffic law and uses that unrivaled knowledge to represent you in the best way possible.


Policies overview

The DriverPlan policies are designed to provide benefits in respect of alternative transport in the event of you or your key employees being prevented from driving as the result of disqualification or incapacitating injury.


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We are UK based and have been supplying DriverPlan policies to businesses and individuals for over 10 years. Our expert advisors are ready to give you advice. Email us at for more information.

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Use our free Risk Assessment Calculator to determine the risk to your business in the event that key employees are prevented from driving through disqualification or injury.

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