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DriverPlan Limited is a specialist insurance broker that for many years has provided the most comprehensive solution to UK based drivers.

We recognise that most people are dependent on their ability to drive and we are now reliant on this form of travel and public transport is rarely a feasible alternative. We promote these policies in the UK in order to give motorists the best chance of maintaining their lifestyle in the event of unforeseen circumstances not allowing them to drive. When making a claim, they could still use public transport, but most of our clients prefer the option to use either chauffeur-driven facilities or a private driver.

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Policies overview

The DriverPlan policies are designed to provide benefits in respect of alternative transport in the event of you or your key employees being prevented from driving as the result of disqualification or incapacitating injury.


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We are UK based and have been supplying DriverPlan policies to businesses and individuals for over 10 years. Our expert advisors are ready to give you advice. Email us at for more information.

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Use our free Risk Assessment Calculator to determine the risk to your business in the event that key employees are prevented from driving through disqualification or injury.

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